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Museums for kids and teens in the Netherlands: my top four

There is no shortage of outstanding museums for kids and teens in the Netherlands. These are my top four fun museum experiences. I’ve been to all of these and the information is based on my family’s actual experiences.

#1 Marine Museum

Where: Den Helder

Our favourite attraction at the Marine Museum is the real submarine. You can climb into it, push buttons, pull on levers, test out the beds and get a good idea of what life was like in such a compact space. Read this about our visit to the submarine. This is one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in the Netherlands. And of course you can also explore the rest of the Marine Museum. It is a huge and fascinating place!

Marine Museum Den Helder
KLM Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet at Aviodrome.

#2 Aviodrome Aviation Museum

Where: Lelystad

If you like anything related to flying and aeroplanes, this is the place for you. Aviodrome is more than a museum – it is an indoor and outdoor aviation theme park. You can explore the interior of planes such as a KLM Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet. This is a real aircraft that was flying until 2003. It covered a distance of 98 million kilometres and more than 100 000 flight hours.

You can experience a flight simulator, go to the 4D theatre, see more than 100 historic and new aircraft and see experts restore aircraft and work on real aviation projects. It is also possible to take short sightseeing flights in various aircraft. Click here for rates and bookings.

There is a fantastic indoor and outdoor play area for children, including an extra large jumping cushion. The restaurant has a large selection of snacks, light meals and drinks.

Aviodrome is a top museum in the Netherlands for kids and teenagers

Aviodrome in Lelystad

#2 Micropia

Where: Amsterdam

Micropia is the world’s only museum of microbes. What I love about Micropia is the way in which it makes science and microbiology accessible, interactive and visible. We never think about the microscopic life forms living on our headphones, soft toys or kitchen sponge but at Micropia you can see them. There are more photos and information from my previous visit here. Expect a futuristic-looking space full of bubbling test tubes, creepy crawlies and be prepared to encounter your inner germaphobe.

Micropia Museum in Amsterdam
Micropia is the world's only museum of microbes.

#4 Artis Groote Museum

Where: Amsterdam

The ARTIS Groote Museum (right next to Micropia) is a newer museum for kids and teens (and adults). There is so much to learn here about humans, animals and plants. One of the best experiences (and my favourite) is the scent tunnel. Read more about the scent tunnel here. The curators superbly blended a vast collection of impressive historical material with many experiences, installations, interactions, videos and photographs. 

Groote Museum Amsterdam. Museums for kids and teenagers in The Netherlands: my top four

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