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About me

I’m thrilled that you’ve found your way to my blog.

My name is Wilma and I live in Haarlem, the most beautiful (yes, I’m unashamedly biased) city in The Netherlands.

Before moving to Haarlem with my husband and son I worked as a journalist. We lived in the sprawling urban jungle of Johannesburg in South Africa for 15 years.

Life in Johannesburg was – for our family – rushed, pressured and unpleasant. We wanted something different. We wanted a slower lifestyle, less stuff, more experiences and time for each other.

When I stepped off the bus in Haarlem after the long flight from South Africa, I had a good feeling that this is exactly what we would get. 

Four years later, I decided to start this blog. “Where’s that?” seemed like a good name because I’m always asking people “where’s that?” when I see, hear or read about fun and interesting places.

I hope that something you see on this blog would inspire you to see the town, city, country or continent where you live with new eyes.

Thank you for reading!

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