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Craving Indian food? This is the best Indian takeaway in Haarlem

I have found the best Indian takeaway in Haarlem and it’s home-cooked, packed and delivered by Aditi Chokshi from Craving Creations.

After reading many positive reviews about Aditi’s food on social media, (and craving Indian food during the Corona Pandemic lockdown) I decided to place an order and I’m so glad I did. The meal was delicious, fresh and it made my day.

Aditi Choksi owner of Craving Creations

What I like most about Aditi’s food is the authentic flavours. She uses fresh ingredients, mixes her own spices, prepares small quantities and doesn’t add any preservatives. It is a real home-cooked meal! 💛

The dishes are cooked on the day of delivery and all that’s needed is a quick reheat. The portions are generous and each meal comes with the most tasty rotis, prepared only hours before delivery using a traditional recipe. To date, Aditi’s Chicken Korma (pictured below) is the best I’ve ever tasted.

Craving Creations makes the best Indian food in Haarlem

Craving Creations started as a small weekend project and through word of mouth and social media recommendations Aditi gained a reputation for making the best Indian takeaway in Haarlem.

Rotis. Craving Creations makes the best Indian food in Haarlem

Aditi posts her weekly menu on Facebook and also sends it to customers on WhatsApp. During the week she prepares vegan orders and snack boxes, caters for events and puts together box meals. She is in the kitchen all the time!

I asked Aditi if I could spend a morning with her in the kitchen and she said yes! Read on to find out why she likes to cook, what inspires her and where she likes to go for a meal in Haarlem.

What brought you to Haarlem?

I moved to The Netherlands with my husband and children eight years ago. I was born and grew up in Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat in India. Later in my life I moved to London where I studied Economics. We moved to The Netherlands for my husband’s work.

Who inspired you to start Craving Creations?

Numerous people have inspired me in different ways throughout my life. My grandmother was an amazing cook and many of her skills were passed on by my grandmother as well as my mother.

When we moved to The Netherlands I had to settle myself and my family into a new country and learn a new language so I didn’t work. Cooking was only a weekend project for me at the time. It was my husband who encouraged me to start my business.

There is so much diversity in Indian food and through my cooking I can introduce people to different styles and tastes of Indian cuisine from north, east, south and west India. Indian food is not only about curry and I like to reflect this diversity in my menu.

What is your favourite Indian dish?

I love traditional Gujarati Dahl with rice, ghee and papadums. When I prepare my Dahl I make it sweet, tangy and spicy. People from Gujarati enjoy food with these types of flavours.

Where do you shop for ingredients?

In Haarlem I would recommend Desi Indian Market. I often buy whole ingredients to make my own spices such as Masala and I also like to buy chillies and roast them at home. I like to buy fresh produce from Butlers Vegetable Specialists in Haarlem North. Their quality is amazing. At Sligro I often find interesting fresh produce such as Tomberries. This is a type of Pearl Tomato and it’s the world’s smallest tomato.

Where do you like to eat in Haarlem?

I love mexican food so Popocatepetl on the Grote Markt is where I like to go. For Italian food I love Piccolo Ristorante Pizzeria – they also make the most incredible Tiramisu.

When I go out for a meal I don’t usually eat Indian food but there is one restaurant in Amsterdam where I like to go. It is Pind Punjabi and I like it because for me this is the only Indian restaurant where I feel I get a real taste of India.

  • To see Aditi’s weekly menu, follow the Cravings Creations by Aditi Facebook page. There’s something different every week!
  • You can also connect with Aditi on WhatsApp on +31 61 789 3456.
  • Send a WhatsApp message with your order.
  • Aditi can deliver for a small fee or you can collect from her home in Haarlem North.
  • Order fast because the best Indian takeaway in Haarlem sells out quickly.

These are some of the dishes Aditi has made:

  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Paneer Tikka Masala
  • Mumbai street food such as Vada Pav (I love this)
  • Butter Chicken
  • Chicken Korma (the best I’ve ever tasted)
  • Vegetable Biryani
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Vegetable Curry
  • Creamy Spinach Chicken
  • Creamy Spinach Paneer

If you’re looking for more inspiration on where to grab a bite to eat in Haarlem, visit Bij Babette, Haarlem’s only English tearoom and Museum Cafe Thuys in the De Bolwerken city park. The park itself is also a great spot to have a picnic and enjoy your Craving Creations meal. 😃

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